Aaron Campbell

Aaron Campbell started his journey humbly in a small town in Northern Michigan. He spent his youth helping his dad with the farm and helping to fix the aging equipment. Aaron had thoughts of the future and the "American Dream" and where it would take him. The chase for that dream landed Aaron at the local University where he received a degree in plastics engineering and eventually went on to make a career in the plastics industry. Was this the way to the "American Dream" he had thought? Something just wasn’t right. There had been a feeling that there was just something missing in life, a desire for something more. That something which could only be fulfilled by the expression of creative thought and the creation of things by one’s own hand; something that had been a lost art in the age of the corporate system. Aaron remembered his work on that small farm of his youth and what his dad had taught him fixing that aging equipment many years ago. That’s when Aaron turned to metal working, a new path on the journey, a new chapter in life. Aaron Campbell has finally found his “American Dream” by expressing his passion and creativity through his works of art; art that is meant to be as functional as it is to be admired.

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